Marjinal A.Ş conducts important activities on the subject of mining both in Turkey and on an international platform. In the mining sector where trust and severity is very important, Marjinal A.Ş has the experience to make an accurate matching between buyers and sellers. Our company uses scientific data the most efficient way and provides them to its customers by working with expert companies that have been accredited internationally such as SGS.

In addition, Marjinal A.Ş has the possibilities of executing processes personally with its expert staff such as for the removal of copper, iron, and bauxite ores. If necessary, Marjinal A.Ş also works for enrichment of these ores.

Iron ore

Marjinal producing and Exporting iron ore to Saudi Arabia, China and the other some of countries on the world. The quality of the iron ore is better than the other producer. Because Marjinal is making calibration of his iron ore. For the long term relationship and for the good quality Marjinal is better than the others.

Copper Ore

All has been analyzed by SGS. Marjinal provides copper ore at desired amounts and characteristics and carries out dispatching processes effectively.

Bauxite ore

All has been analyzed by SGS. Marjinal A.Ş can provide, dispatch, and if desired store up bauxite ore monthly from 40,000 to 60,000 ton.

Marjinal A.Ş has expert staffs that are serious with this job and have experience in terms of providing the right product especially in metallic mines. Turkey has been partner with many foreign companies in the field of metallic mines for a very long time. These partnerships have established on a basis of trust. We recommend all foreign companies that are planning to be active in metallic mines to consult us before they go into action.

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